Cockroach Pest Control in Spring TX

How do you get Cockroaches?

Cockroaches are able to access the inside of your home quite easily. They typically creep into your home from the outside through cracks, vents, and the drain piping leading to your personal space. We even bring them inside through boxes and personal bags. These pests are attracted to warm dark areas and tend to hide and multiply within your attic, interior walls, and other small damp places.  With the proper equipment and chemicals cockroach control can be less complex to treat.

Causes & Effects with Cockroaches

Infestation – Just like any other insect cockroaches can reproduce rapidly in a small time span. Female cockroaches only need to mate once and after that are then able to reproduce up to 16 eggs per two weeks. Can you imagine the infestation that can occur inside your home if not treated regularly?

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Diseases – Pests carry a wide variety of bacterial diseases that can be spread to family and pets.

Cockroaches eat anything from leftover food in your kitchen to animal decay and feces from the outdoors. Diseases can be generally transmitted to humans through cockroach contaminated food or materials.

Allergies & Asthma – Cockroaches enjoy dark areas in your home such as kitchen cabinets and laundry rooms, however they occasionally find themselves in your personal bathroom and bedroom.  These pests shed skin often and leave droppings that can induce allergies especially with small children.

Maintaining a regular pesticide control can help eliminate cockroaches in your personal environment.

What is the Difference between American Roaches and German Cockroaches?

American Roaches- Reddish brown coat and can be up to the length size of a quarter, can be found near trash receptacles, drain pipes, outside in or near trees, bushes or wet mild parts of grass. The cockroaches generally come into your home through open cracks or simply walk in through open doors or windows.

German Roaches- Light brown or tan colored coat with 2 darker colored horizontal stripes near the head and are generally smaller than American roaches, almost penny length. These types of cockroaches are usually harder to get rid of because of how they are brought in. These pests hide in storage and food prep areas and can be brought in through boxes, bags, clothing etc. More than one treatment may be required because of the rapid reproduction from a single female.